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Report Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Methodology

Market Overview
• Regulatory landscape
• Investment activity
• Technology development

1 Technologies

1.1 Mass Burn
1.2 Anaerobic Digestion
1.3 Pyrolysis and Gasification
1.4 Methane and Landfill Gas Capture
1.5 Plasma-arc gasification
1.6 Hydrolysis
1.7 Steam Gasification

2 Investment

3 Market Challenges

3.1 Permitting
3.2 Demand from municipalities
3.3 Regulation
3.4 Market for output

4 Project Finance case studies

4.1 Methane Power
4.2 Viresco Energy
4.3 Harvest Power
4.4 Coskata
4.5 Waste to Energy LLC

5 Future growth/direction

6 Industry learning



List of figures / tables:

This report uses figures, graphs and statistics to strengthen its discoveries and supports its market forecasts.

1. US Landfill facilities, 20082. Financial Incentives for Renewable Energy
3. Waste to Energy Plants and Conversion technologies processing MSW in the US
4. Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit (PTC)
5. Top 50 Bioenergy companies 2011-2012
6. Operating Costs for Food Scraps Composting Facilities
7. Energy production of thermal process technology Dr Gary C Young
8. Hydrolysis feedstock: composition of organic waste
9. Snapshot of US funding of hydrolysis projects
10. Generation, materials recovery, composting, combustion and discards of Municipal Solid Waste in the US, 1960 TO 2008
11. Capital costs relative to coal electricity
12. Summaries of Utashinai Plant design and operations
13. Energetic potential of municipal solid waste
14. Estimated Generation of Municipal Solid Waste for the 38 Largest U.S. Metropolitan Areas (weights in thousands of tons)
15. Top 10 waste management behaviours by state
16. Tipping fees quoted to the city and county of Santa Barbara 2008
17. Materials and Waste Management in New York State, 2008
18. Energy potential of waste processes
19. Energy volumes of source feedstock
20. Harvest Power funding schedule
21. Commercial cellulosic ethanol plants in the US
22. Operating costs for food scraps composting facilities, US
23. Comparison of Various Types of thermal processes – net annual revenues
24. Landfill methane capture across the US
25. US Energy Consumption by Energy Source 2009
26. Permitting flow chart California solid waste 2011
27. 2008 Remaining MSW Landfill Disposal Capacity (tons – New York State)
28. Energy potential of waste processes
29. Energy volumes of source feedstock
30. Harvest Power funding schedule
31. Commercial cellulosic ethanol plants in the US
32. Commodity price



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